About Eliza Donovan

Eliza Donovan artistEliza Donovan is a classically trained musician and painting is just another form music takes for her. When she paints, Eliza makes the music of the Universe she hears all the time takes a visual form.

It all started with a very boring radiator screen and a box of oils found in her grandmother’s cupboard. The dull screen transformed into a beautiful Scottish landscape and every time Eliza looked at it, she felt that painting was “the thing”.

Most of Eliza’s works are done in abstract expressionist style. Some may call her paintings impressionist, but for her it’s always expressing the emotion and not impressing a scene. She also enjoys dabbing her brushes in the world of abstract art. Her works are influenced by her favourite British seascapes and beaches, the dreamworld, Asian art, and Ray Bradbury’s books.

Being an impatient person who goes with the flow of the moment, Eliza mostly paints in acrylics, a medium that dries quickly and lasts for ages. And when she feels the need for smoothly flowing tones and powerful strokes, she paints in oils.

Eliza’s paintings are in private collections in the USA, Russia, Serbia and other countries. Prints of her works are available from Fine Art America, Displate, Zazzle, and other websites. You can contact Eliza if you are interested in buying her original acrylic paintings or order them through Easely. On Easely, you can also rent limited edition prints of her artworks to see how they work in your home.

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