My Paintings at Nisville Jazz Festival

Nisville Jazz Festival is one of the most popular jazz events in Europe and this year I decided to become a street artists and display/sell some of my paintings there. The festival takes place in a town called Nish in South-Eastern Serbia (hence the name). It has the most perfect location – an old Turkish fortress by the river. Now the fortress is a landscaped park with lots of lovely green alleys and cozy secluded cafés.

Anyway, I had lots of fun being there with my paintings, my husband and my son Simon. It was amazing to find out that children just LOVED them. I guess it’s natural because I use bright colours that children love and they have a great ability to understand abstract art. Children always know if something is a landscape or a cityscape. And if they are not sure, they just make things up!

Here are some photos from my street display. Just click on a photo to enlarge it.

I enjoyed this so much that I’ll be coming back to the fortress during Nish Film Festival later this August.