Boy on a Beach Contemporary Impressionist Painting

  • Boy on a Beach digital painting
  • boy on beach room view

This painting was inspired by a photo posted by a friend on Instagram. She’s a professional photographer always on the lookout for cool shots, and this clearly was one of them. When I saw the photo, I immediately felt that this boy playing in the sand, the lake looking so calm and the barge in the background are just crying to be painted. So, I grabbed my Wacom tablet, pinned the reference photo to my desktop and started painting.

I chose to do this painting in a modern impressionist style because I wanted it to be a bit hazy, just like a haze in late spring when the water just starts getting warmer.

Materials: digital painting

Availability: metal prints


Contact me if you’d like to download the high-res image or if you’d like to commission a similar painting on a canvas.