The Golden Tree of Nish Acrylic Landscape Painting 20 x 30 cm, $100

  • The Golden Tree of Nish by Eliza Donovan
  • tree-of-nish-room

This marvelous golden tree was in full autumn colour when my husband and I took a stroll along the Nishava promenade. There was a little bench beneath it and everything looked as if the time stopped in the ancient city of Nish (Naissus). I simply had to stop and do a quick sketch that turned into this small acrylic landscape painting.

Nish is located in South-Eastern Serbia, but it’s been around since before Serbia existed. It’s the birth city of emperor Constantine the Great and it used to be his capital until he moved to Constantinople because Naissus was too crowded and was a huge melting pot and crossway to be a sturdy and safe capital.

Materials: acrylic on canvas

Framing: painted sides, no need for framing. Ready to ship and hang.

Price of the original: $100


Feel free to contact me for payment and shipping options for the original.