A House in Vojvodina Expressionist House Portrait, SOLD

  • A House in Vojvodina
  • house in vojvodina room view

This house portrait was commissioned to me by an American lady whose father came from Serbia. She sent me a picture of their old house in the province of Vojvodina and asked me to paint it. That was a challenge because the house is now derelict and I had to imagine it the way it was when the family lived there.

The house is in a village called Ilinci. Like most places in Vojvodina, it witnessed terrible genocide in the years of World War II. My client’s father’s mother got killed in the genocide together with most of Ilinci population. My client’s father survived because he went to the food store with his aunt. When they got back, everyone in the town was dead. As my client said, this is a sad story and it should be remembered.

I’m glad that in the painting the house lives through happy times again. Before starting working on the painting, I browsed through hundreds of pictures of traditional Vojvodian houses. Even though I wanted to paint the house in my style, I wanted to make sure it had all the right details and was put into an authentic setting (the photo the client sent to me was badly cropped). I chose to paint the house in early autumn setting and I put a row of flowers in front of the house and the fence. Most Serbian houses have these flowers blooming in early autumn (sorry, no idea what they are called!) and I think they are very pretty.

If you like the painting and would like me to paint something for you, feel free to get in touch.