Let’s Go Out on a Rainy Day Abstract Cityscape, 40 x 50 cm, $195

  • Let's Go Out on a Rainy Day

I grew up in a big city, but I could never get used to the greyness of the buildings and the lack of soul of concrete. Nevertheless, I’ve always experienced the feeling of wonder after a rain in Spring, when the air smelled of new grass, leaves and wet asphalt.

When it’s raining in the city, everything depends on your attitude – the whole world can become grey and dull in your eyes, or the rain can paint the city with bright colours of excitement. This abstract cityscape shows how the thirst and lust for life transforms grey skyscrapers into bursts of color.

Materials: acrylic on canvas

Framing: painted sides, no need for framing. Ready to ship and hang.

Price of the original: $350


Contact me for payment and shipping options for the original.