On the Outskirts of Time Semi-Abstract Landscape 70 x 50 cm, $295

  • On the Outskirts of Time Semi-Abstract Landscape
  • time room

Have you ever felt that you wanted to go somewhere where nothing really matters and where you can simply observe and be yourself? Where you could forget about time and feel the Universe just as if it got created yesterday?

This semi-abstract lake landscape shows such a place – on the outskirts of time. I used blue tones almost exclusively to represent the timelessness of the landscape and the shimmering of creation we can observe and feel with every fiber of our bodies.

The original is available for sale and you can also purchase all types of prints. And don’t forget to watch how I painted it on YouTube.

Materials: acrylic on canvas

Framing: painted sides, no need for framing. Ready to ship and hang.

Price of the original: $295

If you are interested in buying the original, feel free to contact me for payment and shipping options.